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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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believes her husband is still alive waiting to be found. each day though is tougher for her and her two sons.sot i can't swallow food because i know did my husband eat? did my husband have anything to drink? for 11 days? i have not eat or sleep because i am thnking about that is he cold is he warm did he get tied up those are big play in my head i only have 2-3 hours every night i'm running back and forth when i hear the car pass by everytime i hear footsteps i open the door thinking is it him coming home oc(head down) (steve) in oakland. . .a young boy is
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in stable condition. . . after getting struck by a stray bullet.the 9-year-old boy was walking to a grocery store with his family sunday night. . . on fruitvale avenue.that's when he was struck by the bullet.police were called to the scene. . .and found the boy suffering gunshot wounds to his torso and leg.he was then taken to the oakland children's hospital.his family has set up a go fund me account to help pay for medical arrests have been made. (pam) another big story tonight... a second botulism death has been reported in california..... this time ... in the north bay out of napa county. the health department says, the individual died within the last month kron4's alecia reid .. in napa tonight... with the latest. (pkg) botulism is poisoning caused by toxins stemming from bacteria. it's extremely rare,
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but can be deadly.pkgthere've been a number of illnesses and deaths related to botulism in the last 2 months.the most recent an individual in napa county who health officials say ate contaminated canned goods.the c-d-c says you cannot see, smell, or taste the toxin, but even a small amount can be deadly.the health and human services agency here in napa says this case is isolated and not linked to the walnut grove case where 10 others contracted the disease.those are linked to tainted nacho cheese from a gas station.37 year old martin galindo . a father of 2 was taken off life support after contracting the illness.another victim 33 year old lavinia kelly has
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been in the hospital for weeks. she too started seeing symptoms within hours of eating a snack from the valley oak food and fuel last month. the youngest of all the victims 16 year old johnny villasenor is making progress at oakland children's hospital. the teenager, who is a sophomore at a school near sacramento was taken off a ventilator and moved from the i-c-u into a regular room."he was just doing what a normal kid does, go to the gas station. get a snack. "if you're any of the botulism symptoms blurry or double vision, nausea, drooping eyelids or weakness, reach out to your health care professional immediately. standupit is possible for patients to botulism.but doctors take weeks or even months.reporting live (steve) world news now...and tonight we're learning much more about the suicide bomber at the ariana grande well as some of the victims of that terror attack.(pam) grant lodes has been tracking developments in england... and joins us with the latest. (grant) a seventh person was arrested late today in connection with attack. and investigators say the british bomber who targeted children monday outside that concert... was part of a larger terror network.
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according to security officials -- the suspect-- 22- year-old salman abedi - recently spent three weeks in libya. a friend of the attacker's family says he went to libya after getting into trouble in uk...and returned to england just days before bombing. and today... militia in libya arrested his father and brother. they say the brother...hashi m...admitted under interrogation...he and his brother were members of isis. the militia says hashim was plotting another terrorattack. police in the u-k say salman abedi was known to both british and u.s. intelligence officials. investigators are now trying to figure out whether abedi met with isis or al-qaeda operatives or received terror training while abroad....the bomb was sophisticated. the british prime disgusted and troubled. theresa may/british prime minister: "all acts of terrorism are cowardly attacks on innocent people. but this attack stands out for it's appalling, sickening
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cowardice. let us remember those who died and let us celebrate those who helped, safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win." (grant) monday's (grant) will never win."(grant) monday's attack...killed 22 people and injured more than 60.... the youngest person to die -- just eight year old in el sobrante, a community coming together to stand up against hate.remembering two of their members that were attacked in recent months.last september, maan singh kalsa - a sikh- survived a violent beating.two moths later , will sims - an african american man -- shot to death outside of a local club.amarjt pannu/sikh: for me when they say okay, there should be tolerance, but i feel there should be understanding rather than just tolerance and so we're trying to understand each other. and that's why we're here all of el sobrante, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. here at san ramon valley high school in
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danville there are mixed reactions to the junior class president being reinstated after posting a campaign video that some found islamophobic
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(pam) still ahead... get ready for more hot weather for parts of the bay area. but there will be some cool spots...(steve) chief meteorologist brittany shipp is here with your complete forecast.
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a cooling trend can be expected through friday as high pressure weakens and the marine influence increases. minor warming is then expected during the upcoming weekend into early next week as high pressure returns to the west coast.
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>> why was ariana grande targeted? >> they hate women. they even hate little girls. >> then. >> concern over concerts across the usa and the angel who's become an icon of the tragedy, worldwide tributes to the fallen. >> plus, what happened the night a terrorist came to the mall. >> multiple people stabbed. >> the stabbing spree and the hero in hot pursuit, their final showdown caught on video. >> all of a sudden he jumped up and charged at me. >> then the bill cosby trial. >> jurors chosen in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> and judgment day in the


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